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Welcome to Dpboss Net Services article where you can find details on satta market like Kalyan matka, Madhur day matka, Milan day, Main bazar along with kalyan panel chart, madhur day panel chart and many more intresting fact by dpboss net.


Dpboss Satta Matka Result Live

Market NameResult
Time Bazar
Madhur Day
Milan Day
Rajdhani Day
Madhur Night
Milan Night
Rajdhani Night
Kalyan Night
Main Bazar
Satta Matka Result

History about Dpboss Net –

In India, since 1970 a popular matka-gambling lottery draw has been played by million of people’s and this game is known as Satta Matka.

This game allows betting on number between 0 to 9 called as open or close, 2 digit number from 00 – 99 called as Jodi and 3 digit number from 000 – 999 called as patti.

how dpboss has started in india?

As it is sattamatka game of luck and result of the draw player has to check satta matka result so for that Dp boss has launched his Indian Matka Result website in 2001 .

It display people fast and free satta market result like kalyan open, madhur day open result and also provides free Matka FinalAnk.

Exploring Indian Satta Market –

Satta Market are the different type of lottery game affiliated to satta matka and totally based on Indian matka rules.

Here are some top 10 satta matka market names –

  1. Kalyan Matka: the biggest indian matka market popular across the globe running since 1970 after kalyan ji bhagat has started this satta matka lottery.
  2. Madhur Matka: the second popular sattamarket after kalyan satta matka, started in 2001 it has gained immense popularity across the country.
  3. Main Bazar: The second biggest market which has started in 2020 when main mumbai matka market got closed so this mainbazar comes as replacement of it and hence it became second popular game in 2023.

Fact about Kalyan matka and Madhur matka –

Kalyan Matka is sattamatka gambling lottery played in india by millions of satta market players. In this game person has to choose one number and if he win he gets upto 9 to 280 times of bidded amount.

To secure your winning in Kalyan satta matka follow these rules:

  1. Kalyanmatka totally depends on person’s luck.
  2. Don’t pay any charges to any person claiming to provide fix finalank.
  3. Analyze past result to find any running pattern or trend.
  4. manage you budget and play accordingly.

Madhur Day Matka strategies and Tips: –

madhur matka is famous satta market for its high earning opportunities that it provides to its players. Despite of other matka market like Kalyan and Milan the probability of winning in this market is 4:10 where in other markets it’s only 1:10.

Madhur day is sub game of Madhur matka which starts in afternoon at 1 pm and close on 3 pm. Opposite of this Madhur night starts on 7 pm and closes at 9 pm.

Dp boss net 143 expert guessing forum –

soon we will be starting dpboss net 143 guessing forum for player where they can guess the upcoming result by this many people can start winning the game.


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